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How to Estimate the Amount of HANMERO Wallpaper Needed.


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You’ll want to accurately estimate the amount of wallpaper needed if you are ordering it, so you don’t discover you are short in the middle of a project. At the same time, you want to avoid buying unnecessary rolls, even if they can be returned to keep your costs as low as possible. It’s a good project you can plan for accordingly.

1.Calculate the area of the project.
Measure the length and height of each wall you wish to cover in wallpaper. Subtract doorways and large windows from the total length. You can round the length measurement up to the nearest half foot or foot (or meter) to make it easier to calculate.
Multiply the length and width of each wall to get the area in square feet.
Add up the area of each wall to get your total area.
Increase the total area by 15 percent to account for waste.

2.Choose the wallpaper pattern. You won’t be able to estimate the amount of wallpaper needed until you know whether it has a straight match or drop pattern.

3.Look at the wallpaper packaging or on the back of the sample to find out the repeat length of a drop pattern. Measure it yourself just to be sure it’s correct.

4.Verify the number of square feet each roll covers.

5.Reduce the total usable square footage on a roll to account for a drop pattern, if applicable. (If the wallpaper has a straight match, all square feet are usable.)

6.Calculate the number of single rolls needed. Divide your estimated total square footage by the number of usable square feet on a roll to get the number of single rolls needed for the project.

7.Determine how many rolls of wallpaper to buy.

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