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Can I Hang Wallpaper over Existing Wallpaper?

This is a question that many homeowners ask after finding out exactly what is required to remove old wallpaper. From the mess it makes to the damage it can do to the wall underneath, you probably want to hear that you can remove the old paper without any kind of qualification.
The truthful answer is that it really depends on a number of factors.
The State of the Current Wallpaper
Unfortunately, the state of the current wallpaper plays a large role in whether you can wallpaper over it or not. If the old wallpaper is cracked, peeling, or seriously damaged, hanging new wallpaper will exacerbate the problem. Not only will it reveal the problems and state of the underlying wallpaper, it will increase the chances that your new wallpaper will start to peel faster (especially if the wallpaper is old and falling off of the walls already).


When Wallpaper Shrinks and How to Minimize the Problem?

After you finish applying wallpaper, it is easy to sit back and feel that it was a job well done. Then you return in a few days to find that the wallpaper has gaps between each strip, and you are baffled because it did not look like that when you finished. What it means is that the wallpaper shrank. It is a common problem that you can avoid with proper planning.


Type Most Likely to Shrink
Wallpaper with a paper base is the one most likely to shrink. Fabric based wallcovering can shrink, but is far less prone to shrinking, and almost never as noticeably as paper. Because paper-wallpaper is usually the most cost effective, people often do not consider the pricier papers. While that is fine, you should know how to minimize the likelihood that your paper will cause issues after you finish with the application process.


Why You Need To Pay Attention To Wallpaper Repeat?

Wallpapering can be a very time consuming and frustrating endeavor, depending on your skill level and the size of the room you are wallpapering. The longer it takes to paper a room, the more careless most people become. The problem is that for the duration of the process, you must pay attention to the wallpaper repeat, otherwise you may make some very obvious mistakes, resulting in having to redo the entire project.

Defining Wallpaper Repeat
The term wallpaper repeat refers to the repetition of the patterns on the wallpaper. There are some types of wallpaper, such as linen or grass-cloth that don’t have any pattern to follow. They are easy to hang and the best type for beginners. Other wallpapers have easy patterns, such as strips, that make it easy to apply them with minimal attention to the pattern.


What Is a Wllpaper Repeat?

The term wallpaper repeat describes the type of pattern on the wallpaper. Some wallpapers have a very random repeat pattern that you won’t need to watch and match as you apply the wallpaper. Other wallpapers have very regimented repeat designs that are easy to follow and match as you apply the wallpaper. The most complex types are very tricky and require you to pay attention throughout the duration of the hanging. The most expensive types of wallpapers do not have a wallpaper repeat, such as the Guinness World Record holder:“Les Guerres D’Independence”, This wallpaper is 32 panels of different depictions of the French Revolution.


How to apply adhesive and fold the wallpaper?

How to apply adhesive and fold the wallpaper?
Step 1
Mix the wallpaper adhesive according to the instructions on the packaging.
Step 2
Lay the cut length on the pasting table (pattern-side down), so that the paper hangs over the end of the table. If required, use a wooden batten (thin piece of timber) or weight to stop the end from rolling up. Keep the long edge flush against the edge of the pasting table, to avoid getting adhesive on the front of the wallpaper or on the pasting table.


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