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How to apply adhesive and fold the wallpaper?

How to apply adhesive and fold the wallpaper?
Step 1
Mix the wallpaper adhesive according to the instructions on the packaging.
Step 2
Lay the cut length on the pasting table (pattern-side down), so that the paper hangs over the end of the table. If required, use a wooden batten (thin piece of timber) or weight to stop the end from rolling up. Keep the long edge flush against the edge of the pasting table, to avoid getting adhesive on the front of the wallpaper or on the pasting table.

Step 3
Apply the adhesive in the centre of the sheet and brush it out towards the edge that’s lined-up with the edge of the table.
Step 4
Work the adhesive from the middle to the edges of the paper in a herringbone pattern (pictured). Between lengths, wipe any adhesive spills off the table with a clean, damp sponge.
When the first half is done, line up the opposite edge of the paper with the other side of the paste table and paste outwards from the centre again.
Step 5
When the paper covering the table has been pasted, fold it over on itself, taking care not to crease it, and start a concertina (pictured). Move the concertina to one end of the table, using the timber batten to stop the unpasted end rolling up.
Step 6
Apply adhesive to the entire length, folding the paper as you go. Lift the completed concertina and set it aside to allow the adhesive to soak into the paper for as long as the manufacturer recommends on the product instructions. The paper needs time to expand before it is hung. This process is known as soaking and it prevents bubbles appearing as the paper continues to expand on the wall.
Step 7
Apply adhesive to a few cut lengths for one wall.
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