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HANMERO: PVC wall paper mixed reviews Environmental problem of concern


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Wallpaper once because of quality problems out of home building materials market, CRD glory after the handover, consumer and very attention to environmental protection issue.Wallpaper of environmental performance has been the trend of The Times, environmentally friendly wallpaper has won customers, such as pure paper wallpaper of PVC wall paper so controversial?

From PVC wall paper of raw material and production process, the consumer can more clearly understand the PVC wallpaper is green wallpaper.The PVC wall paper mainly have three kinds, have normal printing, foam on the surface of flexible concave and convex decorative pattern and a kind of functional waterproof and fireproof.

1, raw material
(1) the basic raw material for plastic
PVC wall paper to resin and other auxiliary materials.Mainly for PVC resin, for ease of processing, generally with low molecular weight of PVC, auxiliary materials, and the foam wallpaper production need to join the foaming agent.

(2) the bottom paper
As PVC wallpaper base paper, to heat, not curly, have certain strength, usually for 80 ~ 100 g/m2 in the paper.

2, the production process
Production technology of PVC wall paper generally divided into two steps.The first step on the bottom of paper or cloth composite layer of plastic.There are four composite method.The first is calendered film with rolling process with the bottom paper direct pressurized composite after calender.The second is coating method, there are two kinds of coating materials, is a kind of emulsion coating, such as chlorine vinegar emulsion;The other is a PVC paste.And the third is indirect composite, composite box composite machine.The fourth is a composite extrusion, even the bottom paper from flat nose squeeze film composite.One of the most commonly used is rolling method and coating method.The second step is to surface composite good wallpaper semi-finished products processing, including printing, embossing, printing, embossing, foaming embossing, etc.Sometimes, the second step can be completed on a unit, such as embossing in the coating unit directly get embossed wallpaper.

From the above introduction can know, whether the PVC wall paper has environmental performance and their use of raw materials and production process, good material, good technology, then the PVC wall paper is environmentally friendly wallpaper.If it does not guarantee the raw material and craft, no matter what kind of wallpaper is not environmental protection.PVC wall paper with good decorative effect and excellent performance to get the love of consumers, its environmental performance will also be a consumer to buy.


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