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HANMERO: How to Collocate Wallpaper with curtains?


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Different styles of curtain wall paper with a picture of a carefully selected, often bring to life a fantastic surprise.Opened the door, curtain wall paper because of the location advantage is always the most compelling, and the wallpaper and the choice of the curtain can fully show more master grade and pursuit, so the choose and buy of curtain wall paper is particularly important.So how to make the wallpaper and curtain perfect collocation, let us more sweet and romantic, have the bedroom of quality?

The ride of wallpaper and curtain mainly pay attention to color and form two aspects.

Color parts: first, the color of the curtains and the wallpaper must complement each other.If choose plain coloured wallpaper, curtain can be a little bit more, then, for example: you can choose to hollow out or the design of three-dimensional embroidery, this will mobilize the whole house of flexible feeling.

Second, curtains and wallpaper with integral household environment photograph collocation, it has become a curtain wall paper of choose and buy the default rule.Brown, for example, wallpaper, brown velvet curtain, match again with the same color of the floor and desk and chair, a typical western classical decorate a style, can make whole room elegant breath everywhere.

Part shape: the style of the curtain to roughly match with the style of the wallpaper, if the wallpaper is American country style, the curtain will not be able to choose a Chinese style.If the wallpaper chose with small decorative pattern design (rural wind, for example, the European court wind), then choose the curtain, don’t recommend option with small broken pattern gauze shade and drape.Otherwise it will appear room is not enough and easy and sedate.Had better choose plain coloured or slightly the vertical stripe curtain.Wallpaper and curtain perfect collocation, from the color and the style of these two aspects to consider, do both, we can for our household life add color, increase the romantic, increase the taste.

Tips of Wallpaper and curtain’s collocation:

Yellow wallpaper with white curtains, can ease yellow sharp feeling, inadvertently draw the outline of the image of sweet romance.

Light blue wallpaper with light white curtain, every moment vaguely revealed that the “small property” taste of life emotional appeal.

Blue wallpaper with brown curtains, deserve to go up white sofa, panoramic view of the whole Mediterranean style home is.
Blue striped wallpaper with cream-colored curtains, clean simple but elegant of the wind.

Pink wallpaper can be deep red curtains, so that the entire room will be some more stereo, inadvertently will make the room more have administrative levels feeling.

Deep red wallpaper can also match the curtain of the deep coffee color, noble, the characteristics of the atmosphere.

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