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HANMERO:12 skills for household wallpaper collocationThe wallpaper of different colors.


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Brunet furniture should match the wallpaper?Create a special space to stick the wallpaper?Small make up today about the answers one by one for you.

1, how to make the room look a few bigger: white wallpaper, cool colors such as green, blue, lavender, flower, small pattern or have a lot of big white flower.

2, how to make the room look smaller: black wallpaper, warm color attune such as red, yellow, orange, big dark bottom.

3, how to make the ceiling look higher: straight stripe wallpaper, ceiling with light-coloured wallpaper, there are flowers and has a “V” type or “U” type of green foil, make the person feel upward development.

4, how to lower the ceiling, wall paper has been posted on the ceiling, with dark bright color for the bottom horizontal stripes effect or wallpaper.The wallpaper paste 30 cm from the ceiling, above the ceiling belt, to have the feeling of falling to the ceiling.

5, how to make the room appears some wider: with the effect of horizontal stripes wallpaper, wallpaper on the narrow side of the dark and light color on the wide side can get good effect.

6, how to make the block walls have integral feeling: pattern with little or no wallpaper.

7, how to cover up a building or an eyesore objects: with no pattern, no alignment wallpaper, green, gray and brown to help cover the object of an eyesore.

8, how to match the furniture and other decorations, with the design of the wallpaper or form to go with the decorations in the room.

9, how to show the theme of the room, with a story or theme wall paper, for example with CARDS, chess and other patterns wallpaper in leisure room.

10, how to produce whole: in adjoining room with a match line to sex or coordination of wallpaper, almost all form, design is match line type, as well as with the waist line is tie-in.In the modern family more and more.

11, how to make the hall looks more complete: with large patterns or bright colors.

12, how to build a formal and elegant emotional appeal: in red and pale purple than traditional formal wallpaper.


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