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HANMERO:Wallpaper Collocation Tips for BedroomThe bedroom is one of the important places.


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The bedroom is one of the important places, let’s break the bedroom decorate in our home is very important, the choice of bedroom wall paper is particularly important, some special gorgeous color doesn’t suit collocation in the bedroom, so how autumn bedroom wallpaper collocation?The following scan of autumn bedroom wallpaper collocation for everybody!

ColourUse different colors to decorate the room, can give a person is not the same feeling.Generally speaking, the metope of the bedroom should be light blue, light green, white is beautiful, so can give a person with quiet, elegant, comfortable feeling, make people sleep more thick.Window will, rock paintings, bedspread and bedding also make pale green or pale blue hypnotic effect is better.The bed of the bedroom, cabinets, chairs and so on all use woodiness material, because the color is the color of the original, simple and easy, return to natural, let your sleep more comfortable environment.Style collocation1, rural characteristics of rural characteristics on the return to natural, adhere to the natural color, should with warm color as the main color, the wallpaper color should choose pink, green, yellow, white and other color to cooperate with each other.2 bedroom wallpaper, European features, European features emphasized the rich decoration, rich colors, exquisite appearance, let a bedroom has the feeling of elegant, elegant richly.

Wallpaper should choose the thick red and golden color, color dared, colour is gorgeous.3, modern features, modern features advocation about useful, suggest function.The wallpaper color should be in the classic colors such as black with white color.Bedroom features more than these, of course, and the features, no matter what kind of bedroom wallpaper selected principle for harmonic natural color.Mix splicing wall paper background wallTo 360 degree reflects the host changed features, has a wallpaper background is different from the wall, planner for girls two built a patchwork wallpaper background wall, wallpaper every section is not the same color and pictures, boundless change lit the footprints of the youth.

Collocation according to different spaceIf the room is not high, can choose vertical stripes, we should all learn the vertical stripes will extend people’s vision, then add the height of the bedroom.Long strips of planning a brief and elegant, easy to allocate, is consistent with modernity and tradition.Vertical stripes of intrusive should be intrusive match with the room.Master bedroom: the bedroom needs to give a person the feeling of warmth, make person loosen the mood, and can bring some hypnotic effect, low brightness, color a little bit deep wallpaper contrast.Of course, if be in love of bright color wallpaper, awake love vivid in the bedroom.

Sleep and enjoy the quiet feeling, how to do?Then add thick cloth, window a pull open, immediately change the room color.Children room, children room wallpaper, usually select a wallpaper can also be decorated with color and lively cartoon waist line ornament, or a mix use upper with cartoon pictures, up and down the bottom, or plain coloured wallpaper, build a happy clean effect.Above is the information about bedroom wallpaper collocation, wallpaper should pay attention to the choice of the appropriate color, choose a few soothing colors, and secondly to pay attention to style is tie-in, finally remind everyone pay attention to the choose and buy good quality brand shop is stuck in the bedroom, don’t make do!


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