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HANMERO:How to match the wallpaper and floor?


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For the friend who likes white floor, we recommend the use of gray floor.

Now there are many families like to use white floor, hope to have the household atmosphere of peace.Recommend the use of grey system is relatively light color, such as easy to give a person halcyon sense, also won’t cause wall “top-heavy” heavy floor color is light color.

Color can affect the person’s visual effect, the warm color attune is outspread color, cool color attune is contractive color.So, the room ground with little area should choose dark tonal cool color, or the floor of the concise and lively, make the person produces the feeling that the area to expand.If choose the warm color floor with heavy color to be able to make the space appears more narrow, increased the depressive feeling.In addition, in the choice of design and color, should tend to be small texture or the straight grain effect, avoids big and messy pattern.

The choice of the floor, not only should consider some actual condition of the room, decorate a style is also one of the important factors that must be considered.Different decorate a style, if the floor choice not appropriate, not only can make the finishing point effect, may also make you originally unified whole style was wiped out.The following simple introduced three common decorate a style to the floor of the match.

1) naturalism
Pure natural material texture, exquisite, simple, natural, return uncut jade to put in true feeling, manifests the nature’s vicissitudes and the ancient sense, also is a kind of popular in at present naturalism, for instance local home made of old wood, more close to the soil and natural breath.In the choice of the floor, can consider solid feeling strong single spell, accompanied by big flower, tree, etc. The floor of the decorative effect, color is given priority to with real wood color.Such as maple and pine logs Fruit, reflect a kind of beautiful decoration.

(2) fashion minimalism
Characteristic is concise and lively, practical and easy.Because “minimalism” philosophy of life is generally exist in today’s popular culture.Contemporary and contracted style emphasizes the function first, form follows function.So condole top, when the design theme wall, such as taking up space, do not have much practical value model can save a province.The design of furniture as far as possible concise line, give priority to with straight line.The choice of the floor can consider monochrome, straight grain of small decorative pattern concise tidy or fashionable avant-courier of obvious effect of the artificial design design and color are available.

(3) Europe type style
This style inherited the baroque style luxury, move feeling, changeful vision effect, also learned the rococo style of beautiful, rhythm detail processing elements, get the favour of elite.But concise european-style decoration (commonly known as Jane’s) is more suitable for Chinese.Jane o decorate a requirement as long as there is some European symbols in it can decorate, available colors, details, foil atmosphere.Such as the Roman column, european-style door.In terms of the choice of the floor, colour and lustre is plump, dark elegant design and color can be the embodiment of the maximum Europe type style.Such as red wingceltis, cocobolo, classical oak and other colors.

Decorate in household in, the colour collocation is the most difficult, the sofa and wallpaper almost became the indispensable element in modern decoration, so how to make the sofa and wallpaper color collocation more harmonious?The following will see how professionals say!


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