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Different Types of HANMERO Wallpaper Materials

If you have decided to put the home decor wall paper in your room instead of the wall paints then you must also be wondering which material is the best. Here is some insight into different types of wallpaper materials.

1. Vinyl/PVC coated wallpaper: The actual wallpaper is made of paper which is coated with a protective layer of acrylic vinyl and are commonly embossed to give them a luxurious textural effect. These wallpapers are quite durable and are usually scrubbable, making them easy to clean and maintain. They are also peelable which means the wallpaper will peel off the wall easily, leaving some of the backing on the wall, which can typically be removed with soap and water or in some cases a wallpaper removal solution may be necessary.

2. Non-woven:Non-Woven wallpapers are an advanced technically improved wallpaper material that was introduced to the market over eight years ago and is fast becoming the preferred substrate for wallpaper. Made of a fibrous material, non-woven wallpapers are easier to install and even easier to remove! They will dry-strip from the wall, usually leaving the wall smooth and abrasion free. Many Non-Wovens are vinyl free making them an environmentally friendly wallpaper option.

3. Paper:Wallpapers printed on paper are not as common as in previous years, but are still present in the marketplace. Paper wallpapers are environmentally friendly and showcase flat inks and designs very nicely, but due to the delicate nature of paper, these wallpapers have proven to tear easily during the removal process.

4. Flocked Papers: If you are looking for something which has a suede or velvety nap finish to it, then you should go for the flocked wallpapers. Although they are easy to install, you will still need the help of an expert. Also, they are pretty expensive. However, they can make your room look beautiful like nothing else.


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