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HANMERO Wallpaper Vs Paint for your walls

When we want to refresh a tired interior, one of the things we think of is new walls; maybe having a pop of colour or new patterns and textures on them. However, the big question is which to go for — wallpaper or paint? It’s not a simple decision as both have their pros and cons as following.

1. Preparation
HANMERO Wallpaper: Wall condition is not critical as it will not be obvious underneath, even though it is best to fill in holes for the best finishing.
Paint: Cannot be applied to damaged or dirty walls, so you might have to plaster, smooth or wash the walls first. A primer might be needed, too.

2. Installation
HANMERO Wallpaper: Can be difficult to install, as measuring, cutting to size and matching seams are required. Its removal requires the right tools and supplies, and extra care needs to be taken to not damage the wall.
Paint: Simple tools such as paint rollers and brushes are all that’s needed, and you can simply paint over existing coats.

3. Variety:
HANMERO Wallpaper: Comes in paper and vinyl. Has all kinds of designs, from simple and subtle to loud and flamboyant in various textures.
Paint: Besides countless shades, it has a range of glosses, sheens and finishes.

4. Durability
HANMERO Wallpaper: It may be easily soiled or damaged, but some types can be cleaned. However, it can last for at least 10 years.
Paint: Needs a new coat every few years, and can chip when walls get scraped or hit.

5. Pricing
HANMERO Wallpaper: Each time, on average is more expensive to purchase and install. It has a higher labour cost.
Paint: Each time, on average is cheaper, requires few supplies and does not require a professional to get the job done.

6. Application
HANMERO Wallpaper: Generally, it is not receommended to have in bathrooms and other high-moisture rooms. It is applied with an adhesive, which can be affected and cause the wallpaper to peel.
Paint: Suitable for anywhere in the home. There are even different types for different requirements.

In conclusion,both HANMERO wallpaper and paint are great decorating choices:
• both can be cheap (remember: cheap wallpaper will be thin and cheap paint will need more coats)
• both can be impressive (there are plenty of finishes to play with – from satin and eggshell to cracked or gloss)
You might find you fancy using a combination of both (statement walls are always a big hit)!
Whatever you choose, the most important thing is to prepare and don’t cut corners. Remember, if in doubt, get the professionals in.

If you have any questions about HANMERO wallpaper,please email us info@hanmero.com. We are pleased to be on your service!

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