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HANMERO: The trouble cheap inferior wall paper hidden should be so big?


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Wallpaper industry after years of development, facing the market brand good and bad are intermingled, good and evil people mixed up.As low as 10 yuan of on the market at present, the “ultra low-cost” wallpaper can be seen everywhere, for the consumer, this kind of product’s biggest attraction is its low price.But in fact, this kind of ultra low-cost wallpaper to great risk, its harm to chilling.

Harm 1, Industry
Low price is engineering wallpaper wallpaper industry reputation harm one of the important sources.Produced by low engineering wallpaper effect of product quality, environmental protection problems, problems are caused by damage to the industry as a whole image, not only the Chinese wallpaper market power in the eyes of consumers cut, more cut the credibility of the whole wall paper industry in the consumers’ mind.This is for the future development of the industry as a whole wall paper hit and destroyed.

Harm 2, the quality control of the hazards
Engineering wallpaper production at a lower price, is the cost of control, and in product quality control will be omission inspection and controls the lax, in order to reduce the rejection rate of the products, increase the output of products.For the market with quality of products to customer complaints and attitude is also with the lot of repair, resulting in the low wall paper market gradually reduced.

Harm 3, raw material
Wallpaper, low-cost engineering is as low as $10, 20, mostly because the wallpaper manufacturer reduce inputs from the raw materials.And for raw materials required for the production of the main base paper, paint, non-woven cloth, etc., are all of the important factors on the quality of the wallpaper.Wallpaper manufacturers in order to reduce investment and low engineering will generally choose very thin base paper, not environmental protection pigment ink, inferior quality of non-woven gauze, this led to serious engineering wallpaper products quality declines linearly.

Harm 4, the construction hazards
The deficiency of cheap wallpaper itself in the wallpaper in the process of the construction of the ferrous, no doubt, posted on the wall: uneven pattern, become warped edge, color, smell, and the overall effect is appeared the quality problem of the wallpaper, while in the process of acceptance will face bigger problems.

Harm 5, the after-sales service
Low-cost engineering wallpaper is low cost, low prices, under the low profits, the production of low engineering wallpaper business cannot provide perfect after-sales service, and the legitimate rights and interests of customers also can’t get the corresponding guarantee.In wallpaper posted and acceptance process, when the product quality and the effect of problem, no after-sales service as a product of solid walls, would bring huge damage for consumers.

Conclusion: “ultra low-cost” wallpaper with its low prices to attract many consumers eyeball, but its harmfulness is multifaceted.Wallpaper enterprise in the process of development, therefore, must be rational, not to occupy market share by hook or by crook, regardless of the consumer safety and industry reputation, even for this wallpaper the sustainable development of the enterprise will cause irreparable damage.


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