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HANMERO:The latest wallpaper trends – Geometric wallpapers


Large-scale graphic prints work particularly well in a contemporary scheme or a post-1960s home, while smaller, more subtle patterns are a good choice if you have more traditional furnishings or live in a period house.

Take into account scale when you are decorating. A big print used on all the walls in a small room or one with low ceilings is too much, so use it sparingly or consider using a smaller scale or simpler graphic design.

Geometrics have come a long way since they were first popular in the 1960s and 1970s. To recreate that look, go for wallpapers in browns, oranges and greens. For a less retro scheme, choose colours that are fashionable now, such as chocolate with pink.

Avoid having furniture and furnishings that fight with the print. You don’t have to restrict yourself to ultra-modern styles,but sticking to pieces in one kind of wood or one plain colour – such as white or black – will help avoid an over-cluttered look.

Tape a large sample of the geometric paper you like to the wall and leave it for a few days to make sure you can live with it.

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