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HANMERO: Stuck on You: 5 New Wallpaper Trends That Will Make You Say ‘Wow’

Wallpaper has a bad reputation. For many, the word conjures up visions of garish florals covering every possible square inch of an otherwise adorable home.

And removing it? Well, that’s a whole other horror show. If you’ve ever had the unfortunate task of scraping off reams of tacky wallpaper from your parents’ kitchen, you probably walked away with one main thought: Never again.

But today’s wallpaper ain’t like your mama’s wallpaper. Wallpaper is making a big comeback, and it’s better than ever. Seriously.

Modern wallpaper designs are bold, fun, funky, and graphic.From city skylines to innovative embellishments with beading and tile, wallpaper is no longer outdated—it’s design’s next frontier. Here are some of the trends to watch:


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1. Metallic wallpaper
We’ve gilded our teacups and dotted our bookshelves with bronze objets d’art—why not add a little gleam to our walls? Just be careful if you go the DIY route: Matching complicated patterns might require a pro, because the metallic shine emphasizes any irregularities. Perfect edges are hard enough without a material that makes it glaringly obvious where you’ve screwed up.

2. Silk wallpaper
Silk wallpaper might seem like the kind of luxury you simply can’t justify. But just consider how amazing it can look paired with dramatic art and streamlined furniture. And then treat yo’ self.

3. Embossed wallpaper
Embossed wallpaper is a new take on texture, allowing homeowners with tighter budgets to mimic classic plaster work designs。If you can swing it (a roll can easily cost hundreds of dollars), you’ll feel immersed in luxury.

4. Embellished wallpaper
Three-dimensional embellishments aren’t the only luxury upgrade designers are adding to today’s wallpaper. Hand-painted accents bring dimension and class to a small space. Just prep your wallet beforehand: Embellished wallpapers can be tremendously expensive, making them good choices for accent walls and small spaces.

5. Geometric wallpaper
Cool, right? Geometric wallpaper is having a moment right now. And with such a wide variety of fun, timeless designs (cubes, herringbone patterns, or blocky and bold) available, we don’t expect this trend to disappear any time soon.

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