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How to Hang New Wallpaper Over Old Wallpaper

When moving into an older home, finding remnants of previous occupants’ wallpaper isn’t uncommon. Stripping old wallpaper is a time-consuming task you may be able to avoid. If the existing wallpaper is firmly adhered to the walls and has a smooth texture, free from any embossing, raised embellishments or flocking, you can add a fresh layer of wallpaper over the old by following tips and tricks used by the pros.
1.Remove any nails from the walls. Wash the walls down using a weak solution of warm water and dish detergent. Allow to dry completely.
2.Cut away pieces of existing wallpaper that have peeled or bubbled using a utility knife. Repair any imperfections or indentations in the wall with nail hole filler, applying the material with a putty knife. Lightly sand the repaired areas when completely dry.
3.Use a level to draw a straight, vertical line down the center of the wall. Avoid drawing the line along any existing wallpaper seams.
4.Measure and cut the first strip of wallpaper, allowing at least 4 inches of excess on the top and bottom. Use a straight edge and utility knife to cut the strips cleanly and evenly. Lay the paper face down on the table. Apply an even coat of adhesive across the entire back side of the paper. Loosely roll the paper with the adhesive side out.
5.Using the ladder, apply the wallpaper by unrolling it slowly and pressing into place with the sponge. Begin at the top of the wall and guide your paper to ensure the outside edge lines up to your pencil marks. Leave a 2-inch overhang of paper at the top of the wall to be trimmed after all paper has been applied.
6.Work out any bubbles in the paper using the smoother. Work from the top down and from the center out. Use gentle, even strokes until the paper is smooth and firmly adhered to the wall.


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